Revolutionizing life-saving drug development through innovation, technology, and sustainability.


Healthcare Crisis

Prescription drug prices are rising beyond the affordability of many Americans because of the length and complexity of the regulatory process
and the scarcity of critical components of many
life-saving medicines. One significant reason: 80% of the key ingredient supply chain is controlled by China, India, and others, leaving every American vulnerable to an increasingly unstable world.


“Now is the right time to take action to keep the U.S. drug supply chain secure and resilient.”

Janet Woodcock

FDA’s Acting Commissioner


Bright Path Labs, Inc. is a leading U.S.-based advanced drug development and manufacturing company that has definitively answered the call to dramatically recast America’s reliance on foreign pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines using patented AI-enabled continuous flow technology.  

Founded in 2017, Bright Path Labs' game-changing platform drives rapid synthetic route development and highly automated, controlled, and inexpensive deployment of scaled cGMP commercial manufacturing. This unique technical capability
also affordably and efficiently produces small batches of specialized medicines and orphan drugs to treat patients with rare diseases.


Competitors talk a big game but produce little.

Bright Path Labs has a proven track record working with the FDA, EPA, Stanford University, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and pharmaceutical powerhouses.


Breaking America’s dependence on foreign manufacturers for key pharmaceutical ingredients


Manufacturing drugs quicker and moving them faster through the FDA’s regulatory process


Delivering nimble, less expensive, highly adaptable and safe medicines for all Americans


Significantly reducing drug shortages for underserved and overlooked patient populations

Bright Path Labs


Marrying real-time needs with real-time manufacturing capabilities


Existing library of verified chemistries and API synthetic routes, both for novel and already-marketed drugs


A U.S. company focused on all peoples’ health and sustainability


Recasting America’s leadership in international pharmaceutical manufacturing